Environmentally Qualified Jack Screws from House of Metrics Ltd.

House of Metrics Ltd. supplies premium quality commercial-grade jack screws that are used in many industries. Our precision-grade jack screws and Male-Female Standoffs are broadly used in a host of electronic and electrical components and other ancillary applications. 

Also, most companies sell standoffs and jack screws manufactured using 12L 14 leaded steel. A prolonged use of such materials poses long term environmental threats and hazards. 

Code-Compliant Jack Screws from House of Metrics Ltd

House of Metrics Ltd. is home to the highest quality commercial-grade and precision-grade jack screws. Our male-female standoffs and jack screws are extensively used in a myriad of electronic components and ancillary applications.

But there’s another vital differentiator that sets our screws apart from the competition. Screws marketed by other companies are manufactured using 12L14 leaded steel. Continued use of 12L14 or other leaded steels pose long term environmental hazards.

Creative Problem Solvers of the Metric Fastener Industry

Ever since its inception in 1992, House of Metrics Ltd. has carved a niche for providing superior fastening products designed for durability and performance. Over the last two decades, we have emerged as the preferred metric fastener specialists. Much of this success is credited to the fact that we have successfully established a broad supplier base that manufactures unified fasteners.

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